1 (2017)       

Table of contents / Spis treści

Instead of an introduction 4-9  

Zamiast wstępu 10-15 

Articles / Artykuły

Zoltán Kövecses, Conceptual metaphor theory: Some new proposals 16-32 

Adam Głaz, Worldview as cultural cognition 34-53

Krzysztof Hejwowski, Translating minds: Cognitivism and translation 54-65

Shala Barczewska, Onstage or off, or somewhere in between? Intersubjectivity markers in Dawkins and Lennox’s debate “Has science buried God?” 68-87

Agnieszka Kaleta, Corpus-based methods in cognitive semantics: The case of English clausal complementation 88-109

Mario Brdar, Intensification and metonymy in some XYZ constructions: From the Bible to Einstein 110-134

Krystyna Waszakowa, Kontekstowe innowacje słowotwórcze w internetow ych tekstach publicystycznych i w ich komentarzach. Studium przypadku 136-150

Reviews / Recenzje

R. W. Langacker 2016: Nominal Structure in Cognitive Grammar: The Lublin Lectures, Reviewed by Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk 152-160

M. Kuźniak, B. Rozwadowska, M. Szawerna (eds.) 2016: From Motion to Emotion: Aspects of Physical and Cultural Embodiment in Language, Reviewed by Krzysztof Kosecki 161-164

P. Blumczynski 2016: Ubiquitous Translation, recenzja Marka Kuźniaka 165-168

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